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The History of Kawasaki Rendokan Judo Academy

The Founder
The Founder

Rendokan was founded in 1958 by the late Masao Kawasaki. Masao a Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) was a pioneer of Judo in the Niagara Penisula.  He taught Judo in such varied locations as to the YMCA, YWCA, the Jewish community center, and even churches and garages. He conducted course's seven days a week two times a day.


Masao was a co-founder of the Ontario Judo Federation, which later amalgamated with the Ontario Judo Black Belt Association to form "Judo Ontario".


In 1970, Kawasaki Sensei passed away.  In honour of his name the club was then reorganzied and renamed, "Kawasaki Rendokan Judo Academy".  Masao's son Mitchell then became the Chief Instructor.

Mitchell Kawasaki
1976 Montreal Greco-Roman Wrestling Olympian
Sensei Mitchell Kawasaki competing at the 1976 Montreal Olympics in Greco-Roman Wrestling

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Sensei Masao Kawasaki and Sensei Mitchell Kawasaki 

Chief Instructor, Sensei Mitchell Kawasaki
Our Chief Instructor

Mitchell, began Judo at the age of five.  He is currently ranked  Kodokan Hachidan (8th Dan).  Mitchell has held numerous positions within Judo's governing bodies including Vice-President of Judo Ontario, Technical Director for Judo Ontario, Ontario Provincial Black Belt Grading Board and National Black Belt Grading Board. Mitchell has held the position of head coach for the Ontario Judo Team, National Paralympic Judo Coach and he has also been a headline Instructor at Camp Olympia.


Mitchell has held numerous Canadian Championship titles, not only in Judo but also in freestyle wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling and gymnastics; all talents which he employs while instructing Judo. Mitchell also competed in the 1976 Montreal Olympics in Greco-Roman Wrestling.  For the year 2000 he was awarded Coach of The Year (he coached both the female and male Athlete of The Year for the same year).


Sensei Kawasaki's educational background includes an Honours B.P.H.E. Degree from Lakehead University and N.C.C.P. Level 3 Coaching Certification.


Recognized as one of the leading Canadian Training Centres, Kawasaki Rendokan Dojo was also instrumental in bringing the 1993 World Judo Championships to Hamilton's Copps Coliseum.


Kawasaki Rendokan has been developing young athletes for over three generations.  While it is a very competitive club, it also caters to the family.  With several families participating together in both Senior and Junior classes.  We offer instruction for both the Olympic hopeful and the recreational player.


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