In Memoriam

This page is dedicated to celebrate the lives of our Kawasaki Rendokan Judo Academy members that we have lost. 

Fiona McAlpine 

In Memorial of FIONA Life-time member of Kawasaki Rendokan Judo Academy.


Fiona guided us through troubling times, she was compassionate and understanding, she was always helpful and non-confrontational, she was our "rock of Gilbraltar and the glue" that held us together as a team.  She as mother to all, a friend to everyone.


Fiona was the stabilizing force that joined us in harmony both as a Judo Dojo and as members of the Canadian Japanese Culture Centre.  Fiona had encouraging words for those who experienced difficulty before, during and after each practice.


She reminded us of paying our dues and remembering proper procedure.  Her volunteer work was by the minute every day.  For Sensei Kawasaki she was a best friend and assistant.  Maintaining the pulse of Kawasaki Rendokan; Fiona was an inspiration for us all and she has shown us how we should treat one another.  She also showed us to never give up and always to do your utmost. She was and always will be the spirit of Kawasaki Rendokan Judo Academy for those present and passed and lest we never forget our Motto:  SHINKEN NARU DORYOKU.  We must always strive to do our utmost.  It must be ingrained in our DNA as members of Kawasaki Rendokan Judo Academy.  Fiona brought with her the spirit that which my father encouraged in all of us.  We thank the Lord for sharing Fiona with us for this short time. 


Rest in Peace Fiona and may GOD bless.

David Waterhouse
Frank Marrazzo
Tom Kasprzyk