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Congratulations to Sensei Frank Marrazzo

Sensei Frank Marrazzo receives his Black Belt from Sensei Mitchell Kawasaki

Congratulations to Sensei Frank Marrazzo, who was today officially presented with his Black Belt.

Frank obtained rank of Shodan after successfully participating in a Black Belt examination administrated by Judo Ontario Grading Board on December 10 2016.

Frank who is 72 years old, is the oldest member of Kawasaki Rendokan Judo Academy who received rank of Shodan. Frank spent last 6 months practicing 4 times a week in preparation for the grading. He participated in the weekend kata clinics organized by Judo Ontario Grading Board and tested his kata skills during Ontario Open competing in both Ju No Kata and Nage No Kata.

With his constant smile, endless energy and wiliness to work hard and to help others, he should be an inspirations to all young judokas.

We are all proud of Frank, who is already planning to work towards obtaining the rank of Nidan in the future.

During the same grading event Sensei Gosia successfully completed the examination obtaining the rank of Sandan.

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