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Merry Christmas Message

Merry Christmas to all Kawasaki Rendokan Team members and friends.

I would like to wish all of you Health, Friendships, Happiness, and Wealth. See you on the mats.

We had a significant 2016 at Kawasaki Rendokan. Sensei Herman became World Veterans Champion for a 2nd time at age 82. The oldest World Champion in the International Judo Federation (IJF).

Sensei Frank Marrazzo becoming a yudansha at age 72 completing the entire grading.

Sensei Dan Bird returning to judo after a long absence and becoming a yudansha and competing in the Veterans World Championships placing 5th.

Sensei Michael Morgenroth having a successful Veterans tournament winning 4 straight until injuring his rib and placing 5th in a very competitive division.

Daniel Rincon acting as uke for Frank.

Our competitive team having success at this years Quebec Open and Ontario Open and the return of Chris Sibbald and Diego Sanchez to our competitive team.

Some excellent results by our junior team.

I would like to thank our instructors for their dedication and expertise; Sensei Herman, Sensei Ron, Sensei Kimberly, Sensei Al W., Sensei Tom, Sensei Al M., Sensei Gosia, Sensei Ian and Sensei Jennifer.

Special thanks to Lisa and Ezio for their day to day involvement with our website designed by Lisa (thank you), and Ezio who maintains our membership.

We would like to wish Daniel Kim all the best while he studies in England in University studying Law. Alex Kasimov who is studying in France.


Sensei Kawasaki

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